You Are An American Spy

Our UK director Peter Wooding visits with Evgeniy to hear his story from the Donetsk Oblast of Ukraine, today’s war zone.

Peter said, “When I met Evgeniy at the church, I was struck by his gentle and friendly nature. It seemed amazing to me that he had been imprisoned by the separatists on two different occasions, yet he seemed so modest.”

“The first time I was captured was in May 2014, in Slavyansk,” Evgeniy said.  “It was occupied during this time and we brought humanitarian aid and took ill people who couldn’t move. The separatist forces took our cars and said we weren’t allowed to take these ill people to safety.  They didn’t want the poor, sick, and elderly to be transported out of the war zone.  So, they punished me by putting me in jail for 15 days.  The bad part was they found a Bible in my car. They said I was an American spy!”

He continues, “They said that it didn’t matter if I was a Christian or a spy, it was the same thing!  ‘It’s not possible to change people,’ they said. ‘You should be killed!’’”  Read the full story.