Winter Camp

The annual winter camp takes place in early January during the Ukrainian Christmas holiday on January 7th. That week is when around 60 young people gather to learn more about God and become strong disciples for Jesus Christ.

One of our counselors a formerly sponsored child named Maria recently shared:

“I looked forward all year long to the time I would spend at camp. I wasn’t a believer yet, but I loved the atmosphere and the counselors who accepted me and answered my questions.”

Camp is also a place where young people from difficult circumstances can open up about their struggles and problems. The counselors understand them because they too came from the same situation.

Your support of Mercy Projects means these camps can continue to be an environment where new disciples of Jesus are made. This summer hundreds of at-risk young people look forward to attending this annual camp experience. A gift of $175 per person sends one young person to the ten-day summer camp.