Will The Russians Invade Ukraine?

What we know for sure is that Vladimir Putin is nostalgic for the old USSR.  He recently stated that the “dissolution of USSR was a tragedy and a collapse of historical Russia.”  Why does this matter?

Putin’s idea is that the old USSR was the sphere of influence of “historical Russia.”  In other words, these are not separate countries with different cultures and languages.  No, they are the domain of Russia, and more so Ukraine.  For Putin, the region of Ukraine is not separate, it is historical Russia.  In his mind, it will never join NATO, join the EU, or be allowed to choose a different set of values other than what he approves.

Putin’s intention toward Ukraine is not an invasion but is a step to correct the wrong that resulted from the collapse of the Soviet Union.  If Ukraine mandates that education is conducted in the Ukrainian language, then this is perceived as aggression toward Russia.  He has stated that Ukraine is “provoking” Russia with the mistreatment of Russians. How?  Because Ukrainian citizens are being asked to speak Ukrainian in school and the workplace.  This is considered to be a “provocation” against Russian speakers.

America’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan  

The complete abdication of Afghanistan to the Taliban, without conditions, including millions of dollars of equipment and the Bagram airbase, has emboldened Putin.  He invaded Crimea under Obama, and now he prepares for something similar under Biden.  Will he invade?  We don’t know for sure, but we do know that Ukraine will resist.

Putin considers Ukraine to be part of the Russian empire.  Ukraine however, has chosen a different path.  They desire a peaceful coexistence.  They desire free trade and visa-free travel.  They do not want to be dictated to by a dictator.

With 100,000 Russian troops massed on their border, the Ukrainian military will need substantial military support from the West to withstand the invasion.  In the absence of that support, Ukraine’s future is cloudy at best.  Most people are not happy with their current government, and many Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine may even welcome an invasion.

Believers there ask for our prayers.  We have missionaries in harm’s way in the war zone.  We desire to support the country and their desire for freedom and help the poor during this time of uncertainty.


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