Update Hearts of Love Center

Kids Love the New Meeting Room

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Peter Wooding Reports From the New Hearts of Love Center
Hearts of Love Center Ukraine

Peter Wooding of Mercy Projects UK reports from the Hearts of Love Center.

Lena Yuschenko, the director of Hearts of Love Center shares about the early days and the struggles of starting this unique but powerful ministry to special needs children. In the video you will see the new addition bordered by new tile pavers in the front courtyard.

Over 50 children are served at the Center with special emphasis on each child’s particular needs. The ministry to children here is open to the entire community and is completely free. Supporters of Mercy Projects make this possible. Lena said:

We are praising God for His Mercy!  We have great news! The renovation of our Center is complete. We also completed the new addition to the main building— the hall for big events and sports. We have been praying for it for many years and now it became a reality.  It’s a miracle and answer from God to our prayers.  Our building really needed renovation and we also have been praying for new furniture, more comfortable for our children with special needs.