The Center is a Blessing

Hearts of Love Center Director Lena Yushenko

By Peter Wooding

I have been blessed to return to the Hearts of Love Center at Konotop, Ukraine many times. It is a real privilege to see the difference Mercy Projects and Lena Yuschenko make in the lives of these special children and their families.

Over the past four years our teams have been able to provide sports equipment, resources for an activity room, fencing around the center, outdoor shelters and most importantly help towards the ongoing costs throughout the year.

This center has become such a lifeline to these special needs children, who would otherwise have nowhere else to go to get the support they need as well as learn several subjects each day including English, Math, Dance, Music, Crafts, and Computer skills.

More recently another highlight was being able to fly Hearts of Love Center Director Lena over to the UK on her first ever trip outside of Ukraine and have her share her story with my church in Chester.  As she told the moving story of how she has overcome her own personal challenges of raising her own special needs daughter as well as helping so many other mothers like herself, there wasn’t a dry eye in my church.