Zaporozhets Family

Ukraine Family #42417 – $29 per month


It’s a family of four people: mother Lyudmyla and her three children. They live in the village Zabirye, 60 km from Kiev, Ukraine. Lyudmila came to Zabirye from another part of Ukraine. They don’t have their own dwelling and they rent a tiny place, utility room of local school. Mother works as a teacher in local kindergarten and also makes some money selling milk from local farm at the market.

The older girl Anastasia is fourteen years old. She is very talented girl. She likes sports and drawing. She draws everything that is around her. Anastasia’s father never wanted to contact the girl, he has another family, but recently something changed in his mind and his is making some bashful attempts to get to know his daughter.

Stanislav is seven years old and in the third grade, he likes math and construction games. He helps his Mom around the house.

The youngest child is Liliya, she is five years old. When she was born, local officials didn’t want to give the girl to mother as she didn’t have a place to live. Recently Liliya has been severely burnt and had several surgeries. She is better now, but a lot of money is needed to total recovery.

This is a short story of the big tragedy in small Ukrainian family – the story of loneliness, poverty and pain. They all need a lot of prayer and help.

Sponsorship of this family would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family.