Yevgeny Stepanov

Russia Pastor #11104 – $29 per month


Yevgeny Stepanov is a hard-working prison pastor in the difficult Tambov region.  God has opened doors for him in a high-security prison housing men condemned to die and where the most dangerous criminals stay together in large, cold prison cells.  Yevgeny (also known as “Eugene” or “Zhenya”) shares his faith with these men.

He reports, “The administration of this prison always interfered and prohibited me visiting these men.  A team of brothers visited from Moscow however, and we met with the warden.  He agreed to allow me to meet with the prisoners.  Eighty prisoners attended the meeting where we preached God’s Word and distributed gospel literature.”

When asked why he is involved in prison ministry, Yevgeny replied, “The one who is saved has a great desire to win others.  The desire of my heart is to tell people how they can change their life and get rid of the slavery of sin.”

Yevgeny came to know the Lord while he was in prison.  He said, “I became a believer in 1996.  I took the New Testament in my hands and realized my sinful nature in repentance.  I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart and devoted the rest of my life to serve God.”

Yevgeny has a family and needs sponsorship to continue his ministry.  Support for Yevgeny is used to pay for travel expenses, buy needed supplies for prisoners, provide Bibles and gospel literature, and help with the rehabilitation ministry in his church.  His family works with children at risk in their region and actively helps in leading the local church.  Yevgeny’s wheelchair-bound father also lives with the family.