Vorovskyi Family

Ukraine Family #42146 – $29 per month


Seven people live in two rooms in a part of grandmother’s private house. They moved from another Ukrainian town here. There are three daughters and two sons in this family. Father is a worker and mother is a housewife. Health-wise their son Stanislav suffers from asthma. Mother and children attend a local Christian church “Hope”. All the children sing in a church choir and mother helps at Sunday school.

Three children attend school. Yana likes math at school. Her favorite thing to do after school is craftwork. Viktoria’s favorite school subject is drawing. Viktoria wants to be a designer. Stanislav likes bugs. He wants to be a biologist when he grows up. Valeria likes to sing and to learn poems. Her favorite school subject is drawing. Vladyslav attends kindergarten.

Please pray for the health of family members, for their living conditions to improve and for peace in Ukraine.