Viktor Vorob’yov

Russia Pastor #11105 – $29 per month


Viktor Vorob’yov was born May 14, 1964, and is the leader of a prison ministry team that reaches inmates in the Tomsk, Siberia region of Russia.  Viktor is married with five children, and he and his wife serve the Lord joyfully.

Prison ministry is very difficult in Siberia.  Viktor visits remote areas where the prisons are located.  Roads are unpaved and very bad and travel is slow and unpredictable.  He is accustomed to hardship and describes a daily life that is not easy.

In a recent report, Viktor shared challenges he faces.  “I have to prepare the lumber for the prayer-house [a new church he is planting] and for me to build my house.  I have also to store the hay for my household, to repair the bathroom and the stable.  Just before my departure for a ministry trip, my daughter and wife got sick.  I had to leave them in the hospital.  God is faithful and we live and work due to his mercy.”

Chaplain Vorob’yov also faces challenges from prison officials.  The Orthodox Church in Russia tries to keep Bible-believing Christians from ministering in prisons, and Viktor often fights for permission to minister to men, women, and youth.  He was encouraged recently when one of the prison officials, a woman, came to Christ and now wants to help.

With church members, there is an orphanage in Tomsk that Viktor visits.  He said, “We have been able to organize Bible studies for troubled children.  These kids living without parents choose a path without God.  I pray that God would help us to reach them with His love.

We are thankful for the support of our friends in America and ask them to pray for our ministry here.”