Tutyk Family

Ukraine Family #42409 – $29 per month


The Tutyk family is from Kagarlyk, small town near Kyiv. There are four people in the family – mother Lyudmyla, father Oleg, and two boys: Zhenya (short for Yevgeniy) and Sasha (short for Oleksandr). The history of the family is short and pretty much the same as many other Ukrainian families.

Lyudmyla and Oleg got married. In two years they gave birth to their first child, Sasha, and very soon, his brother Zhenya was born. Sasha has heath problems: he was diagnosed with the initial stage of bronchial asthma.

When the younger Zhenya was three years old, he was diagnosed with diabetes. The boy is very weak, has stomach infections very often. He is on insulin. He needs a diet and hospital treatment several times a year. It is not easy to be on diet when at school.

The father works as a stoker and a welder and the mother is is a housewife. The boys attend school. Oleksandr is in the second grade. His favorite school subjects are math and natural history. In his free time he likes to draw and to sculpt out of plasticine. After school he attends a dance class at Art school. Yevgeniy is in the first grade. His favorite school subjects are math and reading. He likes to play with construction set Lego and also attends a dance class

Sponsorship of Tutyk family would be an encouragement and a blessing to all of them. Please, pray for the health of the boys, and for mother’s and father’s strength and wisdom.