Tredhaku Family

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In the Malisheve region of central Kosovo, Mercy Projects is known as an organization that helps widows and orphans. We are well known in the community and partner with a local church to build relationships and share the gospel with the Muslim families.

Majlinda Tredhaku has 5 children, 4 girls and her youngest son, 3 year-old Lian. Her 12 year-old daughter, Nurije, began attending English courses at the church. She told her mother about it and one day her mom came to visit. She and pastor Urim’s wife Teuta spoke together and Majlinda began to share her story.

Family History

Majlinda had been married for 11 years and had 4 daughters with her husband. The husband was never happy with his wife because she did not give him a boy. The Muslim culture places more value on boys than girls; and the husband felt pressure from his brothers and family to divorce his wife because they did not have a son. Only a son can inherit the family land or house.

When Majlinda became pregnant for the last time, she found out that it was a boy. The father, instead of rejoicing and loving his wife, somehow came up with the idea that the boy was not his. When he got his son, he rejected his family and divorced his wife. Majlinda took the kids and went back to her hometown of Malisheve to live with her mother and two sisters.

Their Living Conditions Means Sponsorship is Important.

Today Majlinda and the 5 children rent a small apartment in Malisheve. Her former husband passed away. There are 9 people living there, including her mother and two younger sisters. Majlinda’s sisters work sometimes but they do not have regular jobs. When they get married they will leave the family to live with their husbands.

Majlinda receives only 137 Euros a month from the government. Her rent and utilities cost much more. Sponsorship means that she will receive groceries every month worth 50 Euros ($65) and we visit her and share the love of Jesus with her and the kids.

Pray for this family as the kids come to English classes and some youth group meetings. My wife, Teuta plans to invite Majlinda for a women’s meeting and to get to know her better. Thank you for sponsorship of this family.