Sydorkin Family

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Family Sydorkin lives in Konotop, Sumska region, north of Ukraine. There are five people in the family: father Igor, mother Maryna and three children – Yeva, Anton and Lev.

Mother Maryna came to Konotop Ministry Center “Hearts of Love” in 2014. This Center is a ministry to special needs children and their families. Many years ago Lena Yuschenko, the initiator of this ministry, would walk past an old broken down building in her neighborhood and would pray asking God to give her that building as a place that could be used to minister to handicapped children. Since 2006 Mercy Projects is supporting this Center.

Maryna’s and Igor’s son Lev is a special needs child, he has spasmophilia and other problems. He doesn’t go to the kindergarten. When Maryna came with Lev to the Center, she understood the children there and was very happy to help and became a nanny in the Center. Her son Lev is always with her at the Center.

Two other children in the family are also not very healthy. Yeva is in the second grade, she has problems with her heart. The girl likes drawing. Anton has an asthma syndrome. He goes to the kindergarten and loves playing with “military” toys. He wants to be a soldier.

Father Igor works from home, he repairs computers. He doesn’t always have work to do, but he takes good care of the children.

The family asks for prayer for their financial situation, for the health of all family members.

Sponsorship of Sydorkin family would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.