Suprunets Family

Ukraine Family #42191 – $29 per month


This is a very big family. There is a mother and a father and fourteen children. There are eight of children still living with the parents. The family lives in a five-room house where they have a garden to grow fruits and vegetables. The father is unemployed now and the mother is a housewife.

This family’s environment is in the contaminated area of the nuclear disaster of the Chernobyl plant. All the children have weakened immune systems and catch colds very easily. The father has a stomach ulcer. Otherwise, there doesn’t seem to be major health issues with the family.

Five children attend common school. Oleksandr studies at vocational school in order to become a welder. Ruslan is going to become a metal-worker. The youngest one, Liana, is at home. Lena, Edik and Yuriy got married and moved out. Tymofiy started preaching. Daryna and Zoryana attend piano class at music school. Liana, Daryna and Inna want to be cooks when they grow up and Denys wants to be a missionary. Oleksandr, Denys and Tymofiy like to play soccer.

They all are Christians and the family attends a local evangelical church. They ask for prayer for the children to also choose to be saved, for a job for their father and for peace in Ukraine.

Your support would help feed this family and be an encouragement for them.