Rrushe Morina Family

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Rrushe Morina lives in the village of Drenoc in Western Kosovo. She is a widow with six children, five of which live in a two room home with her. Her eldest daughter Malsore (born 1998) is married and out of the house. The children living with her are: Osman (son – born 2001), Merita (daughter – born 2002), Adelina (daughter – born 2005), Alba (son – born 2007), and Mera (daughter – born 2011).

Rrushe’s husband died of cancer the same year their youngest daughter Mera was born. He was only 43. Since then, Rrushe struggles with her own health problems. She has Asthma, high blood pressure, and also receives weekly injections for bad knees.

The house is a very old, single story home with two rooms, a living room and a bed room. Recently, the Morina family was featured on a TV program in Europe/Kosovo that was raising awareness of the plight families living in poverty. An international donor came forward and helped them partially renovate their home. While they were very grateful for this improvement, their house needed a new roof and proper insulation for the rest of their one bedroom. Each night as they go to bed, they look up and see a molded wood ceiling where a cement one should be. The mold further irritates Rrushe’s asthma and she is concerned about the families overall health.

The family’s only source of income is a meager monthly pension from the government. This amount does not cover very much as Rrushe uses most of that money for her medicine and for the kids’ school expenses and transportation. Her eldest son Osman was unable to finish high school because they could not pay enough for transportation. He now takes local construction jobs when he can to help the family out while living at home.

Sponsorship for this family means that you help provide 50 Euros worth of groceries for them each month; it also gives Pastor Urim the opportunity to make regular home visits to pray and minister to this Muslim family. The assistance from Mercy Projects will be a great blessing to this family that is in a vulnerable situation.