Revyakin Family

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Revyakin family lived in Eastern Ukraine. Father Maksim worked in the mine and mother Lyubov stayed at home with four children. In December 2014 the family moved to Kyiv because of war in Eastern Ukraine. They have been hosted by “The Corner Stone” church. Church gave them one room, where they still live. Two more children have been born since that time and now there are six children in the family.

Maksim is the oldest, he is 10 years old, he likes reading and drawing. The boy also likes to play with construction games and is interested in natural science.

Veronica is 8 years old. She likes music, singing and drawing. She helps her mother to take care of younger children.

Sophia is 7 years old. She just went to the first grade of school. She likes everything: construction games, singing, playing with dolls. She also helps her Mom with younger brothers.

Vladislav is 5 years old. So far he only likes riding his bike.

Daniil is 3 years old. He likes playing with his toy cars.

Ilya is only 1 year old. He repeats everything that his older brothers and sisters do. And he likes what they like.

Father doesn’t have a permanent job. He does whatever is needed, he is looking for any kind of work that will help him to feed the family. The family is very active in the members of the local church. Children sing in the church choir.

Sponsorship of this family would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.