Ponomarenko Family

Ukraine Family #42461 – $29 per month


The Ponomarenko family consists of seven people: parents and five children. Iryna, the mother, (born in 1982) is an orphan. As a little girl, her family lived in the Far East of the USSR. Her father drank heavily and was cruel to Iryna’s mother. After years of abuse, she fled to her parents for safety. A year later, he found and killed her, and was never punished for the crime. Iryna’s grandmother took her and her older cousin in…she was only three years old. She grew up with her grandmother, who loved her dearly.

Ira met her first husband in culinary college. They married and a year later they had their first son, Davyd. Then Nikita, Pavlo and Yelisey were born and the family had four sons. Tragically, her husband began drinking, viewing pornography, and seeing other women. The marriage ended in divorce. Sometime later, Iryna met her second husband, Olexiy. They married and have a daughter together, Vira, and he treats all the children as his own.

The oldest son, Davyd, 16, is in the 11th grade. His health is poor and he suffers from Perthes Disease. He has already had three hip surgeries. He spent almost one year lying in bed. Today he can walk, but with pain. His favorite subjects in school are English and history. He is also very creative and talented. He learned to play guitar by watching YouTube. He has also begun to write music, and enjoys drawing.

Nikita 12, is a healthy boy and in the 7th grade. He is shy and has difficulty socializing with his piers. Thus, he does not like school. What he loves is drawing, and is very good at it. He was enrolled in an art school but classes have been postponed because of Covid.

Pavlo, 9, is in the 4th grade and loves school and studying. He is a smart and diligent student and very good in Math. His favorite subject, however, is drawing, and his hobby at home is playing with Legos.

Yelysey, 6, is a healthy boy, and will start school next year. He loves to sing and to play with Legos.

Vira, 3 years old, is the youngest child and the only girl. Vira also has some health issues. So far, she can neither speak nor walk. Iryna has taken her to many different doctors, but they have not yet discovered the cause.

Financially it is very difficult for this family. Olexiy is currently working as a security guard in a warehouse, and Iryna stays at home taking care of the children. For a long time, they had nowhere to live, and moved from place to place. In April of this year, Iryna’s older cousin bought them an old house with money from the sale of the apartment belonging to Iryna’s grandmother, who had passed away. They are thankful to finally have a place to live; and now the house needs much repair and renovation.

Your sponsorship will be a great blessing, and investment in this family. Please pray for their health, for consistent work for Olexiy, the renovation and repairs of their home, and for the children to be open to the gospel. The example and trauma of an alcoholic father has affected the oldest boy. He needs Christian fellowship, and the MP camps and Christian teenage community would benefit him greatly.