Pokotylo Family

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Pokotylo family lives in an area affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The family consists of nine people now – parents and seven children. They live in a four-room house. Father of the family works as a boiler operator and mother is a housewife.

Health wise all children in the family are doing well. Everyone stays busy in age-appropriate area. Yuriy and Viktor study at vocational school; Yuriy – in order to become a motor mechanic and Viktor – to become a cabinet maker. Four children attend school. Svitlana is in the eighth grade. Her favorite school subject is Ukrainian. Svitlana wants to be a seamstress when she grows up. Nazar is in the sixth grade. He likes foundations of health at school. Nazariy wants to be a mechanic in the future. Andriy is in the fourth grade. He likes IT at school. He also wants to become a mechanic. Roman and Olexandr go to kindergarten.

This is a family of believers. They attend a local Christian church of Evangelical Faith. Their prayer request is for bringing up their children in Christian spirit, for good health for the family members and for peace in Ukraine.