Pantelo Family

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There are six people in Pantelo family: mother Olena, father Olexandr, and four children – son Mykhaylo, and three daughters, Zlata, Milana and Karina. The family lives in Kyiv in two-room apartment.

Father Olexandr is an engineer and the only provider for the family. Mother Olena stays at home, she is on maternity leave to care for the youngest. All three girls are very little: Zlata is five years old, Milana is three and Karina is nineteen months old. The girls like to listen to different fairy tales and stories, they like to sing together and dance. They also like to draw.

But there is a tragedy in the family. Mykhaylo, the oldest child and the only son is an invalid since birth: he has renal failure and urinary obstruction. With every year the situation with his health is getting worse. The boy doesn’t grow, he has permanent inflammatory process in kidneys, his hearing became worse, he started having problems with his heart. Mykhaylo needs permanent medical care and a lot of medicines. But the boy goes to school. He is in the seventh grade, he likes history, mathematics and English. He also likes to play a guitar.

The family doesn’t want to give up on Mykhaylo’s health. They ask to pray for him and they will be thankful for any kind of help.

Sponsorship of Pantelo family would be an encouragement and a blessing to all of them. Please, pray for the health of the boy, and for mother’s and father’s strength and wisdom.