Osadchyi Family

Ukraine Family #42410 – $29 per month


This is very nice and friendly Baptist family. They live in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. There are eight of them: mother Anna, father Olexander, and six children–four girls and two boys. The oldest daughter Nadia is eighteen years old and the youngest son Sasha (short for Olexander) is only two. The family attends local Baptist church.

Mother Anna is a teacher in Sunday school and children often go to the villages with church team to evangelize. All the children in the family are healthy. Nadia is at vocational school, second year. She likes to sew, cook and bake. She attends a guitar class at church two times a week. Nadia is going to become a cook or a seamstress. Two children attend school. Petro is in the ninth grade. His favorite school subjects are P.E. and history. In his free time he likes to swim and to be with his friends. Petro wants to be a truck driver when he grows up. Lyubov is in the sixth grade. She likes English and natural history at school. She likes to photograph, to make cakes and to spend time with her friends. After school she attends singing rehearsals at church two times a week. Lyubov is a soloist in the singing team. When she grows up, she wants to be a photographer and a translator. Lilia is in the second grade. Her favorite school subjects are English and natural history. She likes to draw nature and flowers. In her spare time her favorite thing to do is watching cartoons and playing computer games. Lilia wants to be a stewardess in the future. Vira is at a preparatory group at kindergarten. She likes to paint. Vira has a best friend Angelina there. She wants to become an artist. Oleksandr stays at home and plays with toy cars, watches cartoons and plays with his sisters. He wants to learn to drive a car.

It happens that the family doesn’t have their own place to live. They share a three room apartment with mother’s mother and sister. For different reasons relationships between these two families didn’t work out. Everyone is dreaming to have his own space and peace.

Sponsorship of Osadchiy family will be an encouragement and a blessing to all of them. Please, pray for peace in this home, for healing relationships through God’s word. Pray also for father to keep his job and for improving his health as he started having stomach problems.