Osadchyi Family

Ukraine Family #42410 – $29 per month


This is very nice and friendly Baptist family. They live in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. There are eight of them: mother Anna, father Olexander, and six children: four girls and two boys. The oldest daughter Nadiya is sixteen years old and the youngest son Sasha (short for Olexander) is only one year and a half. The family attends local Baptist church.

Mother Anna is a teacher in Sunday school and children often go to the villages with church team to evangelize. All the children in the family are healthy. All except the youngest one go to school and have different interests: photography, drawing, mathematics, dancing.

It happens that the family doesn’t have their own place to live. They share a three room apartment with another family – mother’s relatives (her mother and sister). And for different reasons relationships between these two families didn’t work out. Everyone is dreaming to have his own space and peace. And another trial was just sent to this family: father Olexander worked as a driver delivering food, but recently the company where he worked got bankrupt. He was the only provider for the family.

Sponsorship of Osadchiy family would be an encouragement and a blessing to all of them. Please, pray for peace in this home, for healing relationships through God’s word. Pray also for father to find a job and for improving of his health as he started having stomach problems.