Nazmi Thaqi Family

Kosovo Family #71399 – $29 per month
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Nazmi is married to his wife Servete. Nazmi cannot work because he is mentally ill. He needs one person to always look after him because he can get out of the house, go very far, and hurt himself.

Servete is a very positive and kind person. She keeps the house very clean and takes care of three family members: her husband Nazmi, her mother-in-law who is old and has high blood pressure and often chest pains, and her daughter Festina who is 12. Servete does not have a job. Even if she did find one she could not take it and leave two sick people home alone. The family gets very little help and often feels like they are forgotten by society.

Their house is one floor and was built 40 years ago. It is falling apart slowly and has cracks everywhere on the walls. Neighbors helped paint the walls to close the cracks but that was temporary because the cracks are open again. The family receives 90 euro per month in social help, and help with paying power and water bills once per year.

This family’s situation is not promising. Please pray for strength and peace for Servete, for peace for Nazmi, and for the family to be open to the Gospel.