Nalyvayko Family

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This is a very big family. There are six sisters and seven brothers, two of them are from the previous marriage and two boys of 2004 were adopted. Besides, two boys of 1990 and 1992 are under Davyd’s parents’ guardianship. They all live in a seven-room house. They took an elderly woman Nadia in. She helps with the children.

Illya has health issues and Artur has Down syndrome. Both parents have health problems too, particularly their father – with his eyesight and he is considered to be handicapped. They have hepatitis C too.

Older children Olga and Davyd have mental problems and live with the family helping with chores. Lia graduated from the eleventh grade and wants to be a medic. Artur is not studying due to poor health. Six children attend school. Yelizaveta is in the eleventh grade. Her favorite school subjects are geography and drawing. Yelizaveta wants to be a designer when she grows up. Illya finished the ninth grade where he has been studying by an individual program. Danylo is in the eighth grade. He would like to do repairs in the future. Nadia is in the sixth grade. Her favorite class at school is workshop. Nadia wants to become a cook-confectioner when she grows up. Vira is in the fifth grade. Her favorite school subject is math. She wants to become a cook too. Yakiv is in the third grade. He likes P.E. at school. In his free time he likes to play soccer. Semen attends kindergarten. He wants to become a machinery designer in the future. Khrystyna stays at home with her mother.

This is a family of believers; they all attend Christian evangelical church. Their prayer requests are that all their children would serve the Lord, the health of family members and peace in Ukraine.