Mykola Shevchenko

Ukraine Family #42299 – $29 per month


It can be difficult enough to raise children here in Ukraine but to have a child who is handicapped is quite difficult. Kolya (a nickname for Mykola) has cerebral palsy. He was unable to go to school so teachers used to come to his home to teach him. He is smart and was a good student. Kolya graduated from school and got a certificate. Of course, his mother’s dream is that her son will be healed and be able to walk someday. Since he is unable to walk, he generally lies in bed or sits in a carrier.

He is able to talk but speaks with difficulty. Kolya likes to listen to music and watches Christian movies a lot.

Kolya’s mother stays home to look after Kolya and receives a meager benefit for that. It says a lot about his family that he lives at home and not a nursing one for handicapped where many such people end up. They attend Christian Church together when Kolya feels well enough and somebody can give them a lift. They could really use some encouragement and financial assistance.

Please remember Kolya and his mother in your prayers and pray for peace in Ukraine too.