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Since childhood Katya has been a very active and talented child. She grew up in a Christian family, was attending Sunday school, and took part in all church events. She was baptized when she was 14. She has been a good student at school and easily entered the University of Tourism in Kiev when she was 17. At the University, she got married and gave birth to her first child, Masha. In a year, twins – Anatoliy and Nikolay were born. It was a very difficult time for a young family, but Katya managed to graduate from the University, having three children. Unfortunately her family life was not going well. Katya’s husband started drinking and they divorced.

In a couple of years Katya met Denis, who was 11 years older. They started living together, but the man was worse than the previous one. He was drinking and began beating his wife. Katya was working during the nights, so that she could spend more time with her children. In a year she gave birth to Maksim, marvelous little boy. But when Maksim was only eight months old, a real tragedy happened in the family. Katya was at work, Maksim’s father was preparing food, and three other children were playing. Little Maksim crawled into the kitchen and pulled the wire of the boiling tea pot…35% of his body was badly burned. At the hospital they didn’t promise that the boy would survive because of pain.

Grandmother Valentina asked the Church to pray for the boy, and miracle happened. The boy started recovering very quickly. Now he is running and playing all the time. He definitely needs more help with his health, but he is full of life.

Katya began new life. She is on her own with four children. They attend New Life church in Kiev.

The family needs your help and prayers!