Magay Family

Ukraine Family #42418 – $29 per month


Magay family lives in the village Zabirye, 60 km from Kiev, Ukraine. It is hard to say how may people are there in the family – five or four, because father of the family comes and goes. He doesn’t care about children, he beats his wife, he drinks.

Mother Olga and her three children – a girl and two boys – live in a one room apartment. The apartment is very small, the boys sleep on one bed, mother and daughter on the other bed. There is hardly any other furniture in the apartment.

Olga is very young mother – she is barely thirty. When she was seventeen, her parents literally “sold her” to her first husband for money. Two children were born in this marriage: Kamila and Kiril. Then Olga’s husband left the family and doesn’t help them now. With Sergey, her second husband, Olga had another child – Denis, but unfortunately, as was mentioned above, this father also doesn’t help the family.

Olga works as a cleaner in the kindergarten. It is her only income and it is definitely not enough for the family of four.

Kamila is very nice girl, she is in the 8th grade and loves literature. But most of all she likes singing. The family attends local church “Salvation” and Kamila sings in the worship team.

Both boys are pretty smart, they love math, logic and construction games. Kiril is eleven and Denis is six years old.

These are the main things, that Olga told our coordinator Anna. Anna said: “I know, it is much more tragedy in the life of the family. We met just once, she told me all these things, and I am thankful to God that she shared her life with me, she was so open and sincere.”

They all need a lot of prayer and help. Sponsorship of this family would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family.