Levchuk Family

Ukraine Family #42228 – $29 per month


Levchuk parents are missionaries at church having eight children – four girls and four boys. They live in a four-room house in their small village.

Their father works as a deacon and a guard at church and the mother is a housewife.

Sofia studies at vocational school in order to become a food technologist. Four children attend school. Anna is in the ninth grade. Her favorite school subjects are music, math and IT. In her free time she likes to draw. She wants to be an artist. Tymur is in the sixth grade. Yevgen is in the fourth grade. He likes to ride a bicycle. Olena is in the second grade. Tymur and Olena attend music school. Yefrem, Anastasia and Daniil stay home with their mother.

This is a very nice godly family. Please pray for the health of all family members. They ask for a prayer for the revival in their village, for their mission to be blessed and for peace in Ukraine.