Krot Family

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The father of the family, Stanislav, was from the family with thirteen children and wanted a big family too. They married in 2006 and together with his wife, Olena, had four children. They rented a small apartment in the regional center in Western Ukraine and had many life plans ahead; Olena was pregnant with the fifth child. In May 2012 Stanislav was killed in a car accident.

As mother wasn’t working having four little children and expecting another, father’s family started helping them and they lived with the father’s sister for a while; then all relatives and church helped her to collect the money for a small house. In 2017 mother got married again. The stepfather Ruslan is a general worker.

They live in an area contaminated during the Chernobyl accident. FAll five children attend school. Yulia is in the sixth grade. Her favorite school subject is drawing. Asya is in the fifth grade. She likes drawing and workshop. Maxym is in the fourth grade. He likes P.E. at school. In his free time she likes to play chess. Daryna is in the second grade. She likes drawing and music at school. She likes sculpting. Stanislav is in the first grade. He likes English at school. He attends a chess class.

This is a family of believers, with deep Christian traditions. They attend a local church. Please pray for peace in Ukraine and for the health of family members.