Kovtun Family

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The Kovtun family is a very nice Christian family. There are six people: parents and four children – one girl and three boys. They live in the village of Priluki, 90 kilometers from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

Father Ruslan is a salesman, mother Nadezhda works at home making furniture for dolls. Several years ago they bought very small house in Priluki and they live there now. They planted trees and flowers but a year ago a fire happened (because of the old heating system). “It was scary at that time, we didn’t know where were going to live,” said mother Nadezhda. But now, with the help of the church, the renovation is almost finished.

All children are in good health, they are very open and friendly. The oldest daughter, Diana, is very athletic. She is good in acrobatics and wants to become a stewardess. Rostislav is in the third grade, he is a good student and likes mathematics, but his future is not quite clear for him yet. Vladislav is also in the third grade, he likes sports, especially football. Little Daniel attends kindergarten.

The financial situation of the family is pretty difficult. Sponsorship of this young and strong Christian family will be a big blessing for them. Please keep them in your prayers.