Konoval Family

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The family lives in a two-room apartment. Father works as a security guard in Kyiv. Mother is not working because she looks after her handicapped child. Grandmother is retired and receives pension.

There are two daughters in this family. The older daughter suffers from juvenile arthritis. It is unfortunately progressing with acute symptoms in the fall and spring periods. She attends school but misses classes a lot due to her illness. Alina loves to bead.

Younger Maria is in the specialized class for the children with psycho-neurological disorders and is considered to be handicapped. She was diagnosed with Williams syndrome. When Maria started attending the Hearts of Love center sponsored by the Mercy Projects, she was not able to look after herself but regular classes have given a good result. Maria loves to communicate, to perform during events. She has problems remembering and writing and is still learning characters and figures. This is her peculiarity – a short memory.

Please pray for this family as they need your support. Sponsorship will be a show of God’s love to them.