Kolodynskyi Family

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There are parents and nine children in this family. They live in a three-room house. The father is a general worker and the mother is a housewife. Health-wise daughter Karolina has problems with her eyesight and Artur has heart problems. The family attends a local Christian evangelical church. The children are Sunday school students and youth group members.

Seven children attend school. Artur is in the eleventh grade. His favorite school subject is biology. After school he attends a guitar class at music school. Artur wants to be a manager when he grows up. Angelina is in the ninth grade. She also attends a piano class at music school. She likes art. Angelina wants to be a nurse in the future. Anatoliy is in the tenth grade. At school he likes biology and literature. He plays the trumpet in a church orchestra. Anatoliy wants to be a doctor in the future. Vladyslav is in the seventh grade. He learns to play the pipe at music school. He likes chrmistry at school. Vladyslav wants to be a computer programmer. Yulia is in the fifth grade. She likes history class at school and leanrs to play the violin at music school. Yulia wants to become a nurse in the future. Nelya is in the fourth grade. She likes math at school. She attends a piano class at music school. Nelya wants to be a teacher. Karolina is in the first grade at school. In her free time she likes to draw. After school Karolina learns to play the violin at music school. Zoryana and Viktoria stay at home with their mother. They like to play together.

Please pray for Karolina’s eyesight to improve and for peace in Ukraine. Sponsorship will be a great encouragement for the Kolodynskyi family.