Klyukovskyi Family

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It is a big Christian family: nine people live in tiny three-room apartment. Yulia and Dmytro and their four children live in one room, grandfather and grandmother live in another room, and one more room belongs Dmytro’s sister Oksana. If you ask them about their dream… easy to guess, yes, all of them would like to have more space for living.

God has been always taking care of this family: Dmytro used to have a good job. He and Yulia have four wonderful children:

Veronica is 15 years old, she is in the 9th grade, wants to be a singer and now is singing in the church choir. Vladyslav is 12 years old. He wants to be a car designer. Anastasia is 10 years old. She is in the fourth grade, likes to dance sport dances and wants to be a doctor. Maria, the youngest, is eight years old, wants to be a dentist and meanwhile she loves aerobics.

All children are very friendly and helpful. Despite lack of space, the family used to be very happy.

Happy until May 5th, 2019 when a big accident happened to Dmytro. He has always been a good sportsman, he biked since childhood and took part in many cycle races. But on this day, May 5th, Yulia had a phone call from Dmytro’s friend with whom they always biked together. An accident happened when pedestrian suddenly appeared in front of Dmytro. As a result – both arms and elbows were broken with many displacements. The surgery was going for five hours… The doctors said that recovery would be very long.

The family needs a lot of prayer and help. Sponsorship of the family would be a big blessing for them.