Igor Khodatayev

Russia Pastor #11103 – $29 per month


Chaplain Igor Khodatayev, born October 8, 1964, is a former inmate who is now the coordinator of an important prison ministry in the Urals of central Russia.  Many doors are open to Igor and his team in a maximum-security prison in Perm and other prisons in the surrounding region.

Igor has a heart for the most hardened prisoners, both men and women, serving long sentences. Perm freezes under snow and ice for several months each year but Igor feels called to serve the Lord there.  His team regularly visits the White Swan Prison in Solikamsk which is for lifetime prisoners, and he reports there is now a regular Bible study there.

Igor and his team travel great distances since the Perm region is so large.  It is common for them to travel 300-400 miles across muddy, rutted roads or frozen tundra in winter to bring the Gospel to remote prisoners.  Igor is a man of faith, praying that God will provide for expenses.  He says; “It is necessary to go to these forgotten men and women because Jesus died for them.  We visit tuberculosis prisoners and deliver medicine, bandages, soap, and supplies along with the Gospel.”

Igor and his wife also serve in a new church.  Like our other Chaplains, they provide a place for prisoners who have come to Christ to be discipled upon their release.  Igor’s vision is to share the gospel inside prisons and to provide a place of healing and restoration for prisoners once they are released.

Igor and his wife visit orphans and work with children at risk in their community.  They suffer hardship and serve the Lord in this remote area of the Urals.  They know that if they can reach these children with the gospel, they won’t have to visit them later in prison.