Hajdin Morina Family

Kosovo Family #71379 – $29 per month
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Hajdin and Pranvera Morina live in the village of Burim in central Kosovo in the county of Malisheve. This is a hard-working but poor family. A hereditary eye disease affects family members including aunts and uncles, and unfortunately two of their daughters are affected as well. Hajdin and the two daughters have eyes smaller than normal. Their condition degrades over time until they are completely blind.

Though they are a poor family, they do have a small house that was built by selling land after the brothers divided the family farm among themselves. We delivered firewood for the winter and they were very grateful.

Father Hajdin tries to work and find odd jobs. During our visit he was in Malisheve with his small tractor transporting farm goods for local people. He does his best and we are happy to support a family like the Morinas who also desire to work to improve their conditions.

Sponsorship for this family means that you help provide groceries for them each month. In our Kosovo program, this family can shop at the grocery store in Malisheve and purchase 50 Euros worth of groceries each month. Our goal is to feed the family and give the children a future of good health and education.

Thank you so much for sponsoring this family.