Grebenyuk Family

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There are eight people – parents and six children in this family. They live in a four-room house. The father works as a driver and the mother is a cleaning lady. Health-wise there are no serious problems in the family. The family attends a local Christian church. The children are Sunday school students. They are active church members and serve with their singing and playing music instruments.

All children attend school. Anna attends music school where she is learning to play the violin. She is studying to be an archive methodologist. Yelisey likes math at school. He also attends common and music schools. At music school he studies to play the flute. He is a winner of many flute contests. Yefrem is learning to play the guitar at music school. His favorite school subject is P.E. and he wants to be a P.E. teacher when he grows up. Maria’s favorite subject at school is drawing. She is learning to sing. Maria wants to be a cook when she grows up. Daniela’s favorite school subject is music; she is studying singing. She wants to be a dentist when she grows up. Illya just started school. His favorite school subject is drawing. Illya wants to be a doctor in the future.

Please pray for their living conditions to improve, for the children to become faithful Christians and for peace in Ukraine.