Golomozyi Family

Ukraine Family #42384 – $29 per month


This is a family with three children and it would be a normal one if there were not two handicapped members. Mykola, the son, has cerebral palsy and his father was considered to be handicapped after a car accident: his head was injured and one arm was not working. Father suddenly died in December 2018.

The parents repented and were baptized in the same church and got married in 2008. They had a daughter Tetyana in 2009 and then, in 2011, Mykola was born – having cerebral palsy. They had Angelina in 2015. The mother is a teacher’s assistant at kindergarten. They occupy three rooms, which is one-quarter of a private house.

Older daughter Tetyana attends school. Her favorite school subject is drawing. After school she attends music school. Tetyana’s dream is to write a song. Mykola spends one-two days at a specialized school where he learns things. His intellect is almost not affected but he is a little bit behind. The boy talks a little; he doesn’t walk and doesn’t stand. He is preparing to school. Angelina likes to play with toys.

The entire family attends the Light of Life church. They ask you to pray for Mykola’s healing and for peace in Ukraine.