Gennadiy Korovay

Christian Worker Ukraine #41914

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Gena (short for Gennadiy) Korovai, is one of our newest Christian Workers and is a missionary to Ukraine. Gena’s story is unique. His life is a miraculous testimony to the power and life-changing grace of God.

“Nine years ago the Lord Jesus found me on a junk heap,” Gena shares. “I was a washed-up junkie left by family and friends. A policeman had mercy on me while I lay facedown in the street unconscious on drugs and alcohol. He told me that if I did not change I was going to die. He knew me from previous altercations on the street. He brought me that day to a rehabilitation center and paid for the first two weeks. This was the first miracle.”

“In the rehab center a group of believers visited that was led by Sergei Glushko, director of Teen Challenge. I knew the Gospel story, and I knew how to pray, but I never really knew Jesus in a powerful way. This visit and future visits was the beginning of a new life for me. Jesus set me free and delivered me from my addictions!”

“The Lord gave me a new heart, He gave me a great church, and I have a beautiful and faithful spiritual family – Teen Challenge Ukraine. After 30 years of crime and 20 years of drug life, I met my first New Year of 2009 sober and it was a shock for me! Since that day my life radically changed. I read my Bible every day and began to share the Gospel with people.”

“I feel that God has called me to serve Him — to reach the down and out folks with the Gospel. I also love to work with at-risk youth and counsel them, by my life example, to follow Jesus. In 2012, my mother came to God. In 2013, with other members of Teen Challenge I started preaching the Gospel in three hard-security prisons and two prison camps. I entered the seminary and evening secondary school. I had never finished high school but now I have! And I graduated seminary in late 2015. Praise the Lord!”

“I have not regretted a single minute when I gave my heart to Jesus. I am excited to reach young people with the gospel at the Mercy Projects camps and to see them know Jesus. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who takes part in my life and prays for me! I still deal with many hardships, and I am living on faith so I appreciate your sponsorship support. I thank God for the people who support me. God is faithful every moment and He is never late!”