Gennadiy Korovay

Missionary in Ukraine #41914

Gena (short for Gennadiy) Korovai, is one of our newest Christian Workers and is a missionary to Ukraine. Gena’s story is unique. His life is a miraculous testimony to the power and life-changing grace of God.

“Over 13 years ago the Lord Jesus found me on a junk heap,” Gena shares. “I was a washed-up junkie left by family and friends. A policeman had mercy on me while I lay facedown in the street unconscious on drugs and alcohol. He told me that if I did not change I was going to die. He knew me from previous altercations on the street. He brought me that day to a rehabilitation center and paid for the first two weeks. This was the first miracle.”

“In the rehab center, a group of believers visited that was led by Sergei Glushko, director of Teen Challenge. I knew the Gospel story, and I knew how to pray, but I never really knew Jesus in a powerful way. This visit was the beginning of a new life for me. Jesus set me free and delivered me from my addictions!”

Sponsor Gennadiy

“The Lord gave me a new heart, He gave me a great church, and I have a faithful spiritual family and ministry at Teen Challenge.  After 30 years of crime and 20 years of drug life, I met my first New Year of 2009 sober.  Since that day my life radically changed. I read my Bible every day and began to share the Gospel with people.”

“I feel that God has called me to serve Him — to reach the down and out folks with the Gospel. I also love to work with at-risk youth and counsel them, by my life example, to follow Jesus.  I love working the camps from Mercy Projects and I appreciate your support so much. 

In 2013 I started preaching the Gospel in three hard-security prisons and I entered the seminary and evening secondary school. I had never finished high school.  Today I have graduated from seminary and I am continuing my education to serve Him. 

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who takes part in my life and prays for me including my beautiful wife Dinara.  We live on faith and appreciate your sponsorship support. I thank God for the people who support me.”

2021 Update From Gennadi

Dear Friends,

thank you for your prayer and financial support of me and my family as we work with Teen Challenge Ukraine. We minister to people with addictive behavior, to their relatives, and to at-risk youth.

Due to Covid-19 in Ukraine, it seems like the state makes more and more restrictions for people who want to work with addicts.  However, our team continues to do street work at the methadone program every week. We share the Gospel and build close relationships with the guys and motivate them to go to Christian rehabilitation centers.

This year we have sent 6 people to Christian rehabilitation centers of Ukraine where they can start a new life, Vitalik, Dima, Maxim, Yura, Natasha, and Ira. Each of them has a tragic life, alcohol totally destroyed their social connections and health.

We want their lives to drastically change for Christ as the life of Toma did. Five years ago I met Toma, and she agreed to go to the rehabilitation center. She successfully went through rehab, gave her life to Christ, became an active member in a local church, and has restored her family relationships. She recently got married.

I am convinced that God’s love through Christ makes miracles happen in reconciliation and restoration.

From the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, we started Zoom teachings for rehabilitation centers for addicted people. At present, 22 centers and 10 volunteer listeners joined the teaching. So every week we train 30+ people to become more efficient in ministry.

Here is some feedback from the Poltava Dream Center:

“Thanks a lot to the whole team of Teen Challenge Ukraine from Poltava Dream-center. Brothers say that each lesson change something inside of them helps to see those things, which they did not pay attention to before. Today the atmosphere of love was in our center group; brothers opened up and said very good things to each other. They asked me to thank you very much for all your lessons!”

We are doing team training with a church for a new Coffee House ministry in Boryspil. We are busy, and please pray for my family.

– to provide for the education of our sons Mark and Nathaniel;
– to buy a family car (we do not have one)
– to buy an apartment, since we live in our relatives’ apartment and they want us to move.

May Heavenly Father bless you. Thank you so much for your support and prayers!
With love and respect,
Gennadiy, Dinara, Mark and Nathaniel