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Olena (Katya) grew up in a Christian family. She graduated from the University where she earned a diploma for teacher. When she was studying at the University, she met her future husband, Volodymyr, who was much older. They got married secretly as Katya was afraid to tell her mother about Volodymyr. When their first child was born, Katya’s mother allowed them to live in her apartment. They lived together: Katya with her husband and son, Katya’s mother and Katya’s sister. Five people in one room! In three years another child was born, a daughter, Viktoria.

Before they got married, Katya’s husband promised her that he would build a house in his town where he comes from and they would move there. He was often gone there to visit his parents and Katya thought he was doing something for their future. She prayed for him for his healing from alcohol dependence, but he didn’t want to repent. He didn’t want to go to rehab center, he didn’t help financially, and was just drinking.

Katya was pregnant with a third child. One day her husband beat her so badly that she suffered a concussion. The young woman was at the hospital and he went home to his town. Now Katya and her three children live with her Mom and sister. Her husband lives in his town and rarely visits his children. Katya doesn’t want to divorce him as she believes in Christian marriage and is praying for Volodymyr’s salvation.

The main family financial supporter is Katya’s mother, Natalia. She is of retirement age but is still working to help her grandchildren.
She is doing her best but the situation is very difficult. This family needs your help and prayers!