Fehmi Zabelaj Family

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The Zabelaj family moved from the village of Ngucat to live in Malisheve in 2018. There are seven people, parents and five children living in an abandoned garage of a friend, which has been converted into a makeshift, one-room apartment. The garage is very old, with cracked walls that can be seen from inside and outside. This entire family of seven lives, eats, sleeps, and showers in one room.

The house has no running water or heating inside. They use a stove for winter and firewood to heat the house. The kids showed us where water leaks through the roof when it rains. In winter it gets very cold as the house doesn’t have insulation.

The family must pay a small amount of money as rent to live in this garage. They receive a small amount of government assistance which is used for rent, food, and a lot of medicine for Fehmi, the father, and the oldest daughter who is sick. Fehmi has been sick for a while with an abdominal disease, and has had surgery. He must visit the doctor regularly and cannot do much physical work.

Marigona, the oldest daughter, suffers with a skin disease, though we don’t know the exact diagnosis. The problem is mainly with her feet; she cannot walk properly and her foot bleeds when she walks. She is in the 9th grade and likes studying math.

Their son, Valton is in the 7th grade and he enjoys studying English, and loves playing football (soccer).

Antigona (daughter) is in the 5th grade, Fjolla (daughter) is in kindergarten, and Valbon (son) is too young for school.

Vjollca, the mother, does not work and stays home to take care of the children. The rest of the family members do not have any medical problems.

Your support helps to provide groceries as well as firewood for the winter months, and will be a great blessing to them. Please pray for the health of Fehmi, the father, and Marigona, their daughter, for better living conditions, and for the hearts of this family to be open to the gospel.