Fatmire Maloku Family

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Bahri Maloku and his brother Xhem were killed a few months ago in the front yard of their house. It has not yet been confirmed by the police who killed them and exactly why. Local people say, and even the family says, that Bahri and Xhem were in their house in the evening when they heard a very loud noise outside. They ran out to see what was happening, and when they did it seemed like someone was stealing their cows. So when the robbers saw Bahri and Xhem coming toward them they started running away, but Bahri and Xhem followed them. About 50 to 100 meters away from their home, the robbers shot the brothers and killed them.

When we visited these two families, Taf, who is Bahri and Xhem’s father, came out by himself to meet us. We introduced ourselves. Taf started to tell the tragic story about how he lost his two sons and started crying. It was very sad to see Taf in that situation as the wounds of losing two sons were fresh. We tried to talk more but it just seemed better to come back another day.

When we returned, Taf said that his grandkids are afraid of going out. Bahri’s surviving widow, Fatmire, lives here with her daughter Diana (age 5) and son Delian (age 2). The children won’t come out of the house because they are scared that someone might kill them. There is so much fear in these two families because they do not know who killed the brothers. Taf and his wife have high blood pressure.

Bahri and Xhem’s brother is living in Germany. He went there as an immigrant and got married to a German lady. He doesn’t have his German papers yet so he is not able to help at all.

The three left in this family and five left in Xhem’s family are living together with Taf and his wife. The house is two stories and in good normal living conditions. They do not receive social help or help with utility bills.

Please pray for emotional healing for this family and that they will be open to the Gospel.