Family Besnik & Nurije Begaj

Information about the Besnik Begaj Family #71411 in Kosovo

Besnik Begaj was born in the village of Banje, where he has lived most of his life.  He is married to Nurije and they have five daughters and a son.  Diamanta, born in 1997, Dafina, 1998, Diellza, 2001, Elsa, 2008, Elina, 2013, and Engjell, in 2015. 

Besnik was doing well and he had a small insurance agency. Their daughter Diellza, born in 2001, developed health problems.  Her legs were deformed at birth, and she was not able to learn to walk.

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Besnik shared that from 2002 until 2009, Diellza went to the doctor many times in Kosovo, but with no success.  In 2009 a specialist recommended that she go to Italy for treatment.  This was going to be very expensive for the family – around 700 Euros which the family did not have.  Besnik sold most of his belongings and his small company collapsed.  He sent Diellza to Leko, Italy where she had surgery on her legs.  In 2020 she had her second and last surgery and is doing better as she is now able to walk.

Though the family has experienced great loss, they also gained a lot by helping their daughter walk.  They had to move to town and rent a place because they sold their home in the village of Banje for their daughter.

Besnik has not been able to find a job but is actively searching.  No one else in the family works and they do not receive much help from the government, as they are not considered candidates for social assistance.

Sponsorship will be a great blessing to the family, as they will receive groceries every month, firewood for the winter, and visits & encouragement from Pastor Urim in Kosovo.  They pray that one-day Besnik can get back on his feet.

They are grateful for your sponsorship.