Elona Krasniqi Family

Elona Krasniqi Family #71412

The Krasniqi family consists of four sisters living on their own in the village of Drenoc, in central Kosovo.

Elona, the oldest sister was born in 2003 and she takes care of the other sisters.  Elmedina was born in 2005, Erblina in 2009, and Aurela, the youngest in 2011. Their mother died in 2018 of Leukemia, and shortly thereafter, their father, Bekim began drinking. He left home, leaving his four daughters alone. After abandoning his family, he moved out of the country to Montenegro. He does not help them at all.

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For a time, the girls were taken care of mostly by their uncles and other relatives. The oldest daughter Elona told us that she had to quit school because she needed to stay home and take care of her sisters. She does a lot of work taking care of them, the house, cooking, etc.  Health-wise, there are no problems and the sisters are in good physical health.

They live in the house built by their father and uncle when they were all living together. It has all of the necessary living conditions; water inside, bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms.

Elona had dreams of going to school and working in a good profession, but it seems like all of her dreams died in 2018 when her mother died and she had to stay home and care for her sisters. Not only her mother’s death but also her father’s drinking and leaving them has broken her heart. She can’t get a job because the rest of her sisters need her at home.

Elona’s sisters go to school in their village and most likely they will have the opportunity to pursue an education because they have someone older to take care of them.

Their only help is about 100 Euros per month from social services in Kosovo. 

The girls have gone through so much pain with the loss of their parents. Sponsorship will be a great blessing to them. Sponsorship provides 60 Euros per month, paid directly to the grocery store on their behalf. Besides monthly groceries, they will receive firewood for the winter, visits and encouragement from Pastor Urim. Please pray for this family.