Danyl’chenko Family

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Natalia and Vasyl both come from strong believer’s families. They got married and gave birth to nine children: four boys and five girls. The family of eleven lived in a village Nemovychi, northwest of Ukraine, in a small apartment with two rooms. Then the family started building a house. They just finished putting the foundation for the house, but the project didn’t go further because mother Natalia has been bitten by a tick and had a stroke. She hasn’t spoken and hasn’t moved ever since. Father has taken care of her and their nine children. When it happened, the doctors gave up hope for her life. The church stood in prayer and God saved Natalia although she has still been very sick. Their house was tiny and the children hardly had a place to study and social service warned the parents that if the situation didn’t change they would take the children into their custody. The church helped with building a house and Mercy Projects participated as well.

Another problem in the family is the health of one of the girls, Diana. She has tuberculosis of the bone of her neck. The girl has been to the hospital for almost a year. She needs a lot of medications, care and good nutrition. The family asked to pray for the girl’s health and for the possibility to send her to a sanatorium, where she can get better care than in the hospital.

The rest of the children are doing well, they play, go to school and kindergarten, and pray for their mother and sister.

Sponsorship will be an encouragement and a blessing to this big nice Christian family. Please keep them in your prayers.