Assist News and Dan Wooding

Assist News Service Serves the Persecuted Church

British Christian journalist Dan Wooding has lived an amazing life. As part of his journey, Wooding hit rock bottom while working in London for British tabloids. One evening, however, in the “Stab in the Back Pub” in London, Dan gave his life to Christ and never looked back.  He became a champion for the persecuted church and has traveled the world to document their cause and share their plight.

Assist News Service Now Part of Mercy Projects

Today Dan and Norma have returned to the UK to be near their children. Dan continues, however, to contribute to ANS. Dan and Jeff Thompson, founder of Mercy Projects, have known each other many years and cooperate today to publicize the cause of the persecuted church through Assist News.

Dan is no longer able to run the news service due to health issues, however, Mercy Projects volunteers to keep this important ministry thriving. Dan and Norma have been faithful to God’s call to share the stories of Christians working around the world for decades. Please help us keep that faithful commitment by supporting Assist News service today. The ANS team serve as media missionaries and we appreciate your support.  ANS provides the stories that others do not publicize. Please help today!

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