Chyzhkov Family

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Chyzhkov family lives in a small city Konotop, north of Ukraine. There are four women of different ages living in one tiny ten-square-meter-room. They share bathroom and toilet with four other families.

Mother Olena is single mother. She lives with her two daughters – Yulia and Masha – and her mother Lidiya in this tiny room. When we came for a visit, we couldn’t understand how they sleep. They girls sleep in one bed, grandmother in another one and mother Olena uses an convertible armchair. When someone wants to go to the toilet at night, she has to wake up and move her chair.

Olena’s first husband died many years ago. They had a son in this marriage, who recently died because of brain cancer being 26 years old. Then Olena remarried and Yulia was born. She is 16 years old now. Yulia is disabled since childhood: she is autistic and has serious problems with her eyesight. After being operated on one eye, which couldn’t see at all she’s seen better now. The girl is very reserved and spends her time at home, reading the books. She got in college and finished the first year there.

Maria has mental problems. She attends Konotop Ministry Center “Hearts of Love”. This Center is a ministry to special needs children and their families. Many years ago Lena Yuschenko, the initiator of this ministry, would walk past an old broken down building in her neighborhood and would pray asking God to give her that building as a place that could be used to minister to handicapped children. Since 2006 Mercy Projects is supporting this Center. Maria likes coming to the center, she loves everyone and is working hard during all the classes. She finished the first grade at school, special class. Her favorite school subjects are reading and drawing. Maria wants to be an artist when she grows up.

Mother Olena has problems with her heart and severe headaches.

The family asks for prayer for their financial situation, for the health of all family members and for peace in Ukraine.

Sponsorship of Chyzhkov family would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.