Chornyi Family

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Family Chornyi lives in the village Zabiriya, about one hour drive from Kyiv, capital of Ukraine. There are five people in the family: father Olexandr, mother Tamara and three girls – Arina, Veronica and Nadiya.

The family lives in one room in the house, which is not finished yet. And it might not happen soon as the only one who works in the family is father. He works at the factory, repairing ventilators. His salary is not even enough to feed all of them. Mother Tamara is a house wife. She takes care of the girls and the house.

Arina and Veronika go to school. Health wise the girls are doing well and they are also doing pretty well at school. Most of all they like dancing, and school provides free dancing classes for them.

Nadiya is only one year old and she stays with her Mom. As all the girls, she likes to play with her toys.

The family attends Orthodox Church. They have friends, their next door neighbors, who are Christians. They often talk about their faith. Mother Tamara is very open and she lets the girls know more about God.

The family asks for prayer for their financial situation, for the health of all family members.

Sponsorship of Chornyi family would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.