Bykov Family

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Lyudmyla and Danylo Bykov family is from Kyiv, Ukraine. They live with their three children in one room of the apartment that they share with Danylo’s parents and his sister. All total – eight people in three rooms.

Family story is pretty sad. Father used to work as a lawyer for a private company, but one day he broke his heel bone and had to stay at home for a half a year. As a result, he lost his job. He started looking for a job but could find nothing and started drinking.

Mother Lyudmyla was working as a cleaning lady and a housemaid in different homes. She is delivering goods by car now. Three children attend school. Margaryta’s favorite school subjects are P.E. and IT. She is going to enter vocational school. She likes to embroider and to swim. After school she attends English class two times a week. She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. Olga likes to watch cartoons and to draw nature. She attends wind instruments class and learns to play the pipe and the flute three times a week. She wants to be an elementary school teacher. Bogdan likes to draw and to play with Lego and toy cars. He attends the violin class at music school three times a week. Bogdan wants to be an architect.

Other family members have various health problems. Grandfather (92 years old) is an invalid – he doesn’t have one leg. Grandmother has problems with her heart. And aunt has Down Syndrome.

Mother Lyudmyla and all three children are the members of the Living Hope church. Children go to Sunday school. They ask to pray about their father to be healed from alcoholism and to repent, for the health of all family members, for a good job for their mother and for their own place to live.

Sponsorship would be an encouragement and a blessing to this family. Please keep them in your prayers.