Begaj Family

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Begzon Begaj and his family live in the village of Banje in central Kosovo. Begzon and his wife Mirdita are raising their six children, who are all still at home. They are: son Bleron (born 2002), son Bajram (born 2003), son Hajrullah (2004), daughter Romesa (2006), daughter Lirona (2008), and son Briken (2013).

While the rest of his family is in good health, the father, Begzon suffers and his health is a burden on the family emotionally and financially. Most of his married life, Begzon has been in pain without a full knowledge of a diagnosis. In 2019, he finally was diagnosed with cancer of the large intestine. This news was very difficult for the family to receive.

The Begaj family has little to no income. Of the 120 Euros they receive monthly from the government, Begzon needs about 100 Euros per month for his medicine. While other families have qualified, the Begaj’s do not receive any exemptions on their bills from the government. He is unable to work because of his health, which puts a burden on the family.

This family of eight lives in an old house with only two rooms and a bathroom. They use one room as a living room and the other as a bedroom. They line the floor with mattresses in order to fit all eight people. Their leaky roof causes mold to grow in the home when the rains come. The home does not have a kitchen, due to a lack of space and no water hooked up to the house. They shower by heating water on a wooden stove.

Sponsorship for this family means that you help provide 50 Euros worth of groceries for them each month; it also gives Pastor Urim the opportunity to make regular home visits to pray and minister to this family. The assistance from Mercy Projects will be a great blessing to this family that is in a very difficult situation.