Bedri & Valmire Krasniqi Family

Bedri and Valmire Krasniqi Family#71414

Bedri and Valmire Krasniqi live in the city of Malisheve, Kosovo, with their two children, son, Ilir, born in 2012, and daughter, Aneta, born in 2015.   They were living in a very old and broken down place until 2022 when they qualified for special housing provided by the municipality of Malisheve for needy families.   They are now living in an apartment for free, which has a living room, two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Sponsor now

They receive 120 Euros per month from the government.  Most of this, however, goes for medicine, as Bedri suffers from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and Gilbert’s Syndrome.  He needs a lot of medicine, as well as other treatments.  Because of his illness, he is not able to work to support his family.  Valmire’s hearing is impaired and needs a hearing aid.

She has not found work and is taking care of her children and Bedri.

The children are in school.  Ilir is in the 5th grade and loves playing soccer.  Their daughter, Aneta is in the first grade and she likes listening to music and playing with her friends.

The Krasniqi family will benefit greatly from the Mercy Projects grocery program, as they have little money left for food.  They will also receive encouragement from Pastor Urim and his wife, along with the invitation to go to church, and the opportunity to attend English classes.   Sponsorship will be a great blessing to this family.