Assist News Service

Would you like to sponsor a ministry for The Persecuted Church?

Mercy Projects facilitates the Assist News Service (ANS) which was founded by British Christian journalist Dan Wooding and is now led by his son Peter Wooding.  Dan became a champion for the persecuted church during the Soviet Union and has traveled the world to document their cause and share their plight. Dan eventually lost a two-year battle with Leukemia and has gone home to be with the Lord.  Norma continues on supported by her two sons Andrew and Peter.

Peter Wooding continues his father’s legacy at Assist News Service and remains dedicated to sharing what God is doing around the world, and to be a voice for the Persecuted Church.

Please consider supporting Peter Wooding as a media missionary and the work of ANS.  Mercy Projects volunteers help keep this important ministry thriving. Your support and prayers are vital to this ministry. The ANS team provide the stories that others do not publicize.

Support Peter and ANS