Our Mission and Purpose

Jeff Thompson shares the inspiration behind Mercy Projects

We focus on child and family development and work with single mothers, large families, widows, and the handicapped. Our goal is to strengthen the existing family of an at-risk child through sponsorship assistance. We work to keep children in loving homes and out of orphanages and institutions.

Mercy Projects works in Ukraine, Kosovo, and Armenia, and in southern California with Safe Families for Children. Our Child and Family Sponsorship ministry funds are used to provide nutrition, education, healthcare, Christian Camps, and encouragement by our local caregivers to at-risk children. Our childcare workers monitor each family in their caseload. We are Christ-centered and family-focused.

We conduct 10-day summer and winter camps to build deeper relationships with at-risk children and challenge them spiritually. Camp counselors often become mentors and advisors to the teens attending camp.

Sponsors connect with an individual child and family by writing letters or even visiting them. We love to help you build a strong relationship to your sponsor child and family. Sponsor A Family

Our Purpose

Andrey teaches robotics to orphans in the Chernobyl zone.

Our purpose is to transform the lives of vulnerable children. Jesus called it “making disciples”. It takes time and effort. Our purpose is to help young people have a future of hope and wholeness so they, too, can live a life of service to others. We desire:

1. To see the lives of at-risk children transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

2. To serve God and to serve others. Faith in God is at our core.

3. To work together with local leaders and churches to find solutions to social problems.

4. To value people in other cultures and to learn from them.

5. To work to prevent sex trafficking through education.