Mission Trip Debrief

DeathtoStock_Wired4Why a Debrief?

Mercy Projects always meets with the team after or during the end portion of a trip. For most people, this is a very new and different type of experience. We believe that although the trip may come and go, an impact of it has the ability to bring change in the lives of those you served…as well as you own. Download the full Mission Trip Debrief

Jesus knew the importance of reviewing events when He gathered the disciples together who had returned from a short-term trip (Mark 10:17-24). He listened to the account, affirmed the experience, and led them in prayer—praising the Father for their experience. He also redirected their eyes from the past occurrence and more importantly placed the focus back on God and their relationship with him.


 Use these questions (individually or collectively) to evaluate and maximize on your experience in Ukraine, Georgia, or Armenia.

 1) What were some of your most enjoyable moments?

2) What experiences challenged you?

3) A healthy team will make use of the diverse gifts of its members. It will also be able to deal with conflict. How did your team function?

4) Did you experience any conflict with your teammates or nationals? Was the conflict reconciled? Why or why not?

5) What did you learn about team ministry?

6) What is the biggest challenge that awaits you upon returning home?

7) Share tough experiences that show what God has taught you and the team.


Download the full Mission Trip Debrief